Le Squisivoglie products can be found in many different convenient packages that are marketed in the HORECA sector and in large-scale retail channels. Le Squisivoglie offers, in fact, many practical and safe packages that preserve freshness and goodness.

Le Squisivoglie products can be found in many different packages, including Trays, Sachets or Large Trays, Buckets and Milk Containers that can meet the needs of different channels, including the HORECA, LARGE-SCALE RETAIL and RETAIL sectors. Each type of container is designed to offer specific benefits and to maintain the products’ genuine taste.

The refined and elegant glass jar line, which is typical of "Made in Italy", has been designed to bring all of the Mediterranean tradition to customers’ tables. It is ... at first sight … tasty and genuine!

If someone wants special product packaging, Le Squisivoglie has a study and research package and communication department that is innovative and, above all, creative.

Le Squisivoglie is willing to customise products, according to customers’ needs and specifications.


Tray Line

And for those who want to taste - a bit at a time - lupini beans, olives, tomatoes and many other delicious products? No problem! Here are the “reclosable trays” with “aroma preservation cover” that preserve the freshness in a safe and natural way even after opening. The products may be packaged in Modified Atmosphere (MAP), in sunflower oil or brine and have a shelf life of 8 months (intended for products kept in whole package and stored in a cool place, max 18/20 °C).

Pouches Line

The handy and practical pouches may contain products in brine or vacuum. The shelf life is 8 months (products stored in a cool place, max 18/20 °C).

Glass Jars Line

Refined, elegant and entirely “Made in Italy”, the glass jars line contains high quality products: olives, crushed olives and pitted olives; dry tomatoes and artichokes; green olive paté, tomato paté and many other delicacies, thought to bring all over the world the unique taste, the flavor and the tradition of Mediterranean cuisine… The weights given in the table are approximate and may vary depending on the type of product.

Large Size Pack Line

The “LARGE SIZE PACK” line ensures practicality and convenience to the professionals of the Food service channel - HO.RE.CA (Restaurants, Lounge-Bar, Hotel, Catering). It makes possible to realize a creative cuisine with simple ingredients, characterized by a unique taste, which enrich every dish. They may be used for products in sunflower oil, brine or Modified Atmosphere (MAP).
Expiry date varies depending on the type of packaging: from 6 months for plastic packs to 24 months for glass jars or tins.

SquisiBox by Le Squisivoglie

Le Squisivoglie presents the SquisiBox, invented for Ho.Re.Ca. and GDO Channel. SquisiBox is a mix of products used for each kind of recipe and “fill” with taste and fantasy pizza, appetizers, first and second dishes and make more nice and bizarre salad! Packaging offers thousand benefits: it is easy to open, is easy to use and is smart to remove. SquisiBox is an intelligent solution that makes the product comfortable; an efficient alliance to optimizing time in the kitchen area (it makes faster and more tasty recipes).

Spezia La Voglia by Le Squisivoglie

In the Squisivoglie’s big family there is a new line of spices and herbs to make your dishes more tasty and healthy: dried chili peppers with and without stem, capers in salt, oregano leaves, crushed mint, laurel leaves, rosemary needles, sage leaves, sundried tomatoes in practical and comfortable packaging. The “Spezia la voglia” line reduces the use of kitchen salt for a blast of wellness that sustains and tones the body thanks to the beneficial properties of spices and herbs that stimulate the digestive and anti-inflammatory processes.