Le Squisivoglie - Company

A family business for Made in Italy products of excellence.
The Piersanti family has been leading Le Squisivoglie since 1973: It is synonymous of experience and taste. Thanks to a long tradition that has been handed down from generation to generation, Le Squisivoglie is a company that always takes care to guarantee the best format and the most suitable solutions to those looking for quality and genuineness. It offers products of excellence that are packaged according to traditional recipes.
Many products that are suitable for all tastes (including olives, in-oil products - such as dried tomatoes, aubergines, artichokes, chillies - pates and spices) are offered by the company for the purpose of preparing more sophisticated meals (with selected raw materials being guaranteed) or enriching a snack with imagination.
Le Squisivoglie has, in fact, a deep knowledge of raw materials. It can be said that this is the result of 50 years of experience in selecting and preserving products coming from the land, in the best Italian tradition of quality products offered at the table. A careful selection and in-depth knowledge of processing and manufacturing techniques allows Le Squisivoglie to continuously improve recipes, meet high quality standards and guarantee simple but rich and tasty food.


Le Squisivoglie currently operates in large-scale retail channels, in the best supermarkets and hypermarkets selling olives, pickled products, in-oil products, and many other vegetable products. They are all ready to be used and are useful in the kitchen. New and inviting proposals consisting of practical freshness-saving and aroma-saving tubs are always being offered: A unique and tasty mix of quality and imagination, with a wide range of products that are ideal for seasoning and enriching simple and delicious dishes with genuine ingredients that bring the taste of Made in Italy to every family.
Imaginative proposals and packages that are strictly certified in compliance with current safety and quality control regulations are, in particular, proposed for the HORECA sector and the restaurant sector.
Innovation and quality are, therefore, the keywords for Le Squisivoglie, which has always made tradition and good cuisine a real passion.

"Loving good food means serving it with taste and quality, respecting the healthiest of traditions"
Franco Piersanti