Le Squisivoglie has entered the international market with Sun Italy. It is an immediate, pleasant sounding, recognisable brand that is easy to remember and has a clear link to Italy. It is synonymous of the quality, taste and delicacy of "Made in Italy" products. It has, in fact, the taste, flavours and genuineness of Le Squisivoglie products. It is a brand that is already appreciated in Italy. It reaches tables all over the world with a wide range of products and allows delicious combinations to be made: From olives to cherry tomatoes, from artichokes to delicious pâtés. It is a feast of authentic flavours that make every occasion special. Let's discover the catalogue of varied product lines and quality products: There are always new and surprising flavours that recall the best recipes of the Mediterranean tradition and Italian cuisine.

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The excellence of Made in Italy in SUNITALY by LE SQUISIVOGLIE vegetable products

Selection, processing, packaging and sale of genuine, fresh and good vegetable products.
Olives, artichokes, mushrooms, lupins, dried tomatoes, chillies, capers and much more are to be enjoyed in the comfort of your own home and used creatively in the kitchen of your restaurant, lounge-bar, hotel or catering business, creating every day original recipes with surprising flavours. Only the best Made in Italy products are used and the highest quality acceptable. Goodness, tradition and passion are provided to all those who love the most genuine flavours, Italian cuisine and the Mediterranean diet.

Squisibox Small

Here is the SMALL version of the SQUISIBOX, a new size for a “cool” and captivating use.
Four high quality “Made in Italy” products and a delicious snack to make every moment richer in flavor!
Everything in the new SQUISIBOX - a piece of Italy in a little box, the cardboard box with the best products by Le Squisivoglie, to be enjoyed in company, on any occasion.

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