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Experience and expertise in the selection of products of the earth

For over 40 years Le Squisivoglie has been transforming and packaging the best products of the Earth, grown both in Italy and abroad. Le Squisivoglie offers its olives, pickles, preserves and produce in the bestsupermarkets and shopping malls and brings the taste of the Mediterranean cuisine on its clients’ tables all over the world. Since 1973, Le Squisivoglie and its products have been a synonym of experience and quality, thanks to a long tradition passed down from generation to generation: simple foods that en-rich every dish based on the healthiest of culinary traditions. Le Squisivoglie is a solid Company in the agri-food industry, a leader in the production of preserved vegetable products. It carries out a complete process that goes from the selection of raw materials to the control of the whole production chain, aimed at always producing fresh, good-quality products. Research and innovation have also motivated Le Squisivoglie to choose products from organic farming: our Company has been awarded the high-quality bioagricert certification. This decision is in line with our mission: “loving good food and honouring and innovating it, adding taste and quality to products celebrating the healthiest of culinary traditions”. Le Squisivoglie is now in the best supermarkets, discount stores and distributors in the HO.RE.CA industry, with its olives and vegetables pickled in vinegar or oil, and brings to the tables all over the world the pleasure of eating well and the taste of Mediterranean cuisine. In its manufacturing plant situated in Castel Madama, Le Squisivoglie selects and processes the best row materials to produce genuine and high quality products that meet the taste of the most demanding palates.

Our products

Thanks to a wide range of choice, weight and selection, that meet all the market needs; a deep knowledge and a careful selection of raw materials; a special care that reaches the standards of excellence as regards the techniques of processing and packaging of the products, Le Squisivoglie is able to propose new and new ideas and recipes as dictated from the most authentic tradition of “Made in Italy”: green and black olives, vegetables, champignons, artichokes, eggplants, peppers, tomatoes, lupin beans, patè and spices.

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Sun Italy - our International Brand

Le Squisivoglie enters the international market with a new brand: “Sun Italy”. A brand which is immediate, catching, recognizable, easy to remember and clearly linked with Italy, synonymous with quality, taste and excellence of products “Made in Italy”. The flavor, the taste and the genuineness of Le Squisivoglie products, an already well appreciated brand in Italy that reachs the tables all over the world with a wide range of products to realize various tasty pairings. From olives to tomatoes, from artichokes to the delicious paté, a celebration of authentic flavors that make every occasion special. Convenient packages for all needs, versatile in cooking to prepare and enrich every dish. Several lines and products of quality to satisfy all palates, ever new and surprising flavors for the whole family. A world of excellence and delicacy to be discovered every day playing with imagination and creating always new recipes with Le Squisivoglie products.

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A new packaging

Le Squisivoglie is today one of the leading companies in the agro-food sector, in the production of vegetable products always careful to guarantee, to those looking for quality and genuineness, the best format and the most suitable solutions for the hectic pace of everyday life. It is for all this that the idea of ​​a compact package was born, easy to open and close which preserves all the taste and genuineness of the products of the earth. Packaged in a protective atmosphere or in brine, Le Squisivoglie products contain in a compact package, easy to open and close, all the taste and genuineness of the products of the earth: black and green olives, mix of olives and stuffed olives become the ingredient to prepare and bring to the table appetizers, first and second always delicious. The transparent packaging, with zip, allows you to see the product inside to enjoy the soft pates and vegetable products in oil whenever you want.

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